Bearing Pads, Shims, Bumpers, Vibration Isolation, etc.


Thickness from 1/4″ to 1″
Widths up to 48″
Lengths up to 48″
Available in cut parts and profiles

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Everlastic® BEAR-PADS BP-200

Durable rubber compound integrated with high strength synthetic fibers, resulting in an integral bearing pad with excellent physical properties and weather resistance.  Durable dense rubber with excellent compressive strength, hardness, tear resistance and cold weather flexibility. “Green Product” molded from masticated rubber using discarded tires.

Typical Physical Properties
Property Typical Values Test Method
Hardness (Shore A) 80 +/- Durometer ASTMD-2240
Tensile Strength 1000 psi (+/-10%) ASTMD-412 Die C
Tear Strength 400 pi min. (+/-10%) ASTM D-624 Die B
Oil Swell (increase in Vol.) 120% Max ASTM D-471
     Maximum Strength 10,000 psi
     Initial Cracking Strain 40%
Heat Aging
     Change in Tensile 25% Max ASTM D-573
     Change in Elongation 25% Max
     Change in Hardness 10 Points Max

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