Concrete expansion joints
Masonry column isolation
Masonry expansion joints
Back-up for hot and cold pour sealants
Bond-breaker between precast concrete and veneer

Available sizes

 · ¼”
 · 3/8”
 · ½”
 · Up to 48”
 · 50’ rolls

Available Options

Standard score, multi-score, with tear tab
Typical lead time on special orders is less than one week
Optional pressure sensitive adhesive one or two sides

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Williams Everlastic® EJ-2000

The Williams Everlastic EJ-2000 is a cross-linked cell foam.

It is an economical, resilient, heat resistant and non-absorbent foam that comes available with pressure sensitive adhesive.

It’s compatible with most sealants and is an excellent thermal and moisture resistant product.

It has many uses and can be paired with hot or cold sealants. The EJ-2000 comes with tear tab peel away capability to receive the sealant. Also comes with optional self-stick adhesive that allows for sure and simple placement. Long rolls also reduce splicing.

Typical Physical Properties
Physical Properties Test Method Unit Values
Density ASTM 3575 lb/ft3 2
Tensile Strength PSI 44
Elogation of Break % 163
Tear Strength lbf/in 12
Compression Deflection 25% PSI 5
50% 14
Compression Set 25% 24 hr % 7
50% 24 hr 25
Working Temperature Range Internal degrees F -76 / 194
Water Absorption Internal % vol (max) 1
Thermal Conductivty at 50 degrees F ASTM C177 Btu·in/hr./ft2/°F 0.26
Thermal Conductivty at 100 degrees F 0.29
Hardness Shore 00 Scale ASTM 2240 Shore 00 56
Flammability >25″ FMVSS 302 4″/min PASS
Thermal Stability 24hrs  @ 185 degrees F ASTM 3575 % <2