Material Specifications

2PD Open Cell Polyurethane 1320 Series
ASTM D – 1564
ASTM D – 3574


Rectangular Backer Material to Receive Sealant/Fill Joint
Ceiling Tile Bedding (Dust Shield)

Available Sizes

1/8” thru 4” thickness
Also available in rolls (Standard Sheet Size 54” x 96”)
Available with pressure sensitive temporary adhesive.

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Everlastic® 1320 Series Polyurethane Foam Typical Physical Properties

This is a polyurethane foam.

Typical Physical Properties
Property Typical Values
Density 2 lb/ft 3
Compression Deflection (unaged) 25% 0.65 lb/in 2
Compression Deflection (unaged) 50% .75 lb/in
Compression Deflection (unaged) 70% 1.40 lb/in
Tensile Strength 2 lb/ft 3
Tensile Elongation 170%
Tear Resistance 2.0 lb/in
50% Compression Set 2.0 lb/in
Dry Heat Aging

(24 hrs @ 140°C)

80% Retention of Tensile Strength
Clickability Excellent
U.L 94 HF – 1 (aged) Pass
Steam Autoclave 70% Retention of Tensile Strength

*The physical properties listed above are obtained by conducting tests according to ASTM D -1564. The flame retardant property is obtained by using the test method U.L. 94, standard for safety. The rating is 94 HF – 1 U.L. 94 is to be used as a small scale / laboratory comparative test and is not intended for use as a fire hazard rating. Polyurethane foams containing a flame retardant additive will burn.