Width: + or – 3/16”
Diameter of bulb: + or – 1/16”
Length: + or – 2’0”

Available sizes

1 ¾” DIA solid bulb
4” wide hollow bulb

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Williams Everlastic® Rubber “J” Gate Seal

The Rubber “J” Gate Seal is a hi tensile neoprene Williams compound #1025.

Typical Physical Properties
Property Typical Values
Tensile Strength 2500 min. PSI
Ultimate Elongation 400% min.
Shore “A” Durometer 60 / 70
Specific Gravity 1.4
Compression Set 30 % max.
Tensile Strength after Oxygen Bomb Aging 80 % min.
Ozone Resistance Good

*All “J” Seals, set forth in these specifications and / or shown on the drawings, shall be of an extruded NEOPRENE Rubber, with a SOLID or HOLLOW bulb, and 4” wide, as manufactured by Williams Products, Inc. If corner sections are required they shall be factory molded from the same type compound and vulcanized to the extrusions to form the complete fabricated seals.