Material Specifications

Manufactured from a polyvinyl chloride compound specifically designed for continuous exposure to weathering.
Compound possesses excellent sunlight resistance, good low temperature properties and contains a polymeric plasticizer to ensure performance.


Top-flap – overlaps two adjacent bricks to stop mortar from falling into air passage.
Flexible wings – To adjust to variation in mortar joint widths (5/16” – ¾”)
Louvers – To allow air passages while creating a water barrier.
Water ridges – When water buildup on the exterior wall surface is blown into the air passage, these ridges create a barrier which directs the rain down and out of the cavity.

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Williams-Goodco Brick Vents

The Williams-Goodco brick vent is an injection molded vent made from flexible polyvinyl chloride in an offset “T” shape. When inserted in vertical mortar joints between two bricks, the slotted leg of the vent allows air to SOMETHING in and out, while allowing water to weep out. It also prevents water from penetrating in.

Comes in light gray.

Typical Physical Properties
Properties Test Methods Values
Specific Gravity @ 23℃ ASTM D-792 1.36
Hardness, Durometer “A” @ 23℃ ASTM D-2240 75
Tensile Strength @ 23℃ p.s.i. ASTM D-412 2,000
Ultimate Elongation @ 23℃, % ASTM D-412 330
Modulus at 100% Elongation, p.s.i. ASTM D-412 1,000
Flex Temperature, Clash-Berg Tf, ℃ ASTM D-746 34